Useful info

Some items are made using digital art tools such as Photoshop and Illustrator, while others are crafted using traditional pen and ink methods. We take great care in selecting the wood we use and each piece is carefully cut, sanded and milled (milled only in some cases) to ensure the highest quality. Finish options include oil or wax finishes, and all posters come equipped with a hanging device.

 Please note that due to the nature of the wood, there may be variations in colour, grain and texture from piece to piece. Additionally, In the case of engraved paintings each engraved painting is painted by hand, so slight differences between pieces may occur.

 Please also keep in mind that the colours shown on your monitor are for reference only and may not accurately reflect the actual colours of the item due to differences in monitor settings. To ensure that your purchase lasts as long as possible, please do not expose any item to direct sunlight and note that all items are intended for indoor use only. Mounting accessories such as nails or screws are not included.

In conclusion, we would like to say that we do not do complete custom production and we do all themes in our way, however, if you have an idea for a specific theme or have a dream one, you can write to, if your ideas appeal to us, maybe we use them. Minor adjustments such as dedication or typography are of course not a problem. All things are signed on the back. in the case of limited editions, they are numbered and signed.